We supercharged Tamex’s ecommerce engagement and conversion

ui/ux design

The situation

Tamex.mx is an ecommerce company specializing in lighting and electrical equipment. They pride themselves on offering personalized attention, technical advice and logistical support to their customers.

The first generation of Tamex's ecommerce website had problems converting visits into completed sales. To find out why users weren't finishing their purchases, we ran a series of audits.

  • Heuristic evaluation of the site, literally scanning the entire user interface building up a list of all potential problems identified.
  • Interview with stakeholders in which we carefully noted all of their concerns.
  • Interviews with selected users to document their experience as buyers. (In the process we even solved the mystery of a missing package!)
  • Competitive benchmark compared the Tamex website with others in the same business in terms of features, usability, and performance.
  • Google Analytics review to extract actionable insights based on objective visitor behavior data.

The pain points identified

During the usability test analysis we discovered the following main problems about why users weren't finishing the purchase on the website:

  • Overall lack of design strategy or documented style guide of any kind.
  • Confusing user experience and lack of responsive design for mobile users.
  • Unintuitive search engine functionality.
  • Confusing product classification scheme and some products in completely wrong categories.
  • Incorrect information on some product's detail pages.
  • Long checkout process with 6 steps to complete a purchase.
  • Extremely low user trust and satisfaction ratings.


Analysis information in hand, we got to work on a total redesign of the website with a mobile-first approach. First we created a style guide to serve as a reference for the overall work, then we tackled the outstanding pain points one-by-one until we had a fully-functional finished product.

  • Use a Card Sorting exercise to learn how users search for the products.
  • Reduce the checkout process to three steps for new and two for registered users.
  • Add the possibility to print or export the shopping cart for users needing to get their purchases pre-approved.
  • Upgrade the search engine with autocomplete on the input field, and plenty of filters along with local inventory availability in the results.
  • Improve site navigation with a "mega menu".
  • Execute a full-scale audit of the product database to reclassify each one based on our category reorganization proposal.
  • Show sub-categories and allied brands on product detail pages.
  • Empower customer service reps to give immediate responses to customer questions about in-progress purchases.

    The delivered products

    Desktop Redesign

    We increased user confidence leveraging a more emotional design, catering to Tamex's premium clients.

    Design Highlights

    • Redesigning the header
    • Developing a better search input
    • Elegant promotional banners

    Mobile Redesign

    During our analysis, we discovered that 60% of Tamex customers buy using their mobile phones, so we invested a lot into making sure they had a perfect user experience too.

    Prototype-Web Checkout

    The Impact

    Our work had a tremendous positive impact on Tamex's ecommerce peformance and financial results.


    Average real-time users


    Sales Increase after 5 months


    Monthly Page Views


    Products Recategorized


    Conversion Rate

    Project Cost

    We billed Tamex approximately $30 thousand dollars over the course of 3 months to complete the work described in this case study. Needless to say, they were very happy with their investment.

    “Magma made us believe in the power of skilled UX”

    Christian Rocha, Head of ecommerce

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